Skips Summer School

Hi, everyone!

In case you haven’t heard, Skip’s Summer School is the place to be this August to brush up on your lighting, marketing and creative photography skills! Held in Chicago instead of Las Vegas from August 5-8, it’s a much easier place to get to with great resources. The major change in focus, pun intended, is the hands on programs. I’ll be teaching two days of lighting, both studio and natural, so it’s jam packed with essential info and real shooting experience.

This year’s Summer School offers attendees seven platform programs, two days of hands-on teaching or a two day film-making program, two catered lunch programs, a website review and the opportunity to network with some of the best known photographic instructors and companies in professional photography. Program topics for the platform programs will include business, marketing, publishing, networking, customer service and a new addition this year, a workshop panel discussion from three of the best known couples in photography on the topic of working with your spouse.

If you want to see some examples of my teaching and techniques check out these links to videos. My new DVD Posing and Directing, is now available and here are a couple of clips from it to give you an idea of what we will cover.

The first is setting up for a male headshot:

This one is posing subtle changes for a beauty shot:

If you want to spend seven minutes on studio lighting, this is a clip from Friday Photo School:

And if you just want to have some fun dragging the shutter, here’s an 8 minute clip for Sekonic:

And finally here’s a clip from last year’s SSS in Vegas.

Skip’s Summer School is a terrific opportunity to really give a boost to your photographic career.

All the details can be found here:

2 Comments to “Skips Summer School”

  1. Looking forward to spending time learning and shooting with you at Summer School on Tuesday.

  2. Sometimes I’ve got the feeling that I’m missing so many photography things just by not living in USA. I really admire how dynamic is the photography industry in there.

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